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Wichita Federal Credit Union’s Charitable Giving Guidelines

Wichita Federal Credit Union (WFCU) is committed to actively supporting the communities we serve through financial contributions as well as providing volunteer services from our team members. Our organization has chosen to give financial contributions in the following areas:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Children’s Charities
  • Civic organizations and activities

Special consideration will be given to proposals that integrate the above issues. 

A minimum of 60 days’ notice is required for consideration. WFCU reserves the right to handle each donation request on a case-by-case basis.  Many factors are included in the evaluation of these proposals.  Incomplete applications and requests with less than proper notification will not be considered.  If more information beyond the completed application is needed, a representative of WFCU will contact the organization. WFCU will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. A decision to deny a request does not imply that the applicant's program is not needed or worthy, but simply that it does not fall within our giving guidelines or priorities, or that funds are not available.


WFCU will only consider requests from registered 501(c) (3) organizations. Organizations may be asked to show evidence of competent management, low administrative/fundraising expense ratios, and a nondiscriminatory program benefiting broad segments of the community. The majority of charitable activities we support are initiated by WFCU employees and fall within the priority areas listed above.

Our regulatory agency, NCUA, allows federal credit unions to make charitable contributions or donations to two classes of recipients as specified below:

  • Recipients not organized for profit that are located in Sedgwick County or conduct activities in Sedgwick County, or
  • Recipients that are tax exempt organizations under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (see accompanying statute) and operate primarily to promote and develop credit unions.

All requests must be submitted in writing, accompanied by a WFCU Charitable Giving Request Form.


  • Additional funds to organizations already under a multi-year commitment
  • Exclusively tax-supported educational institutions
  • Individual needs, including scholarships and beauty contest candidates
  • Membership dues
  • Operational support for organizations that are associated with the United Way
  • Travel funds for tours, expeditions or trips
  • Groups and organizations outside the communities we serve

Online Donation Request Form
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Request forms and supporting documentation may also be mailed or e-mailed to:

Wichita Federal Credit Union
Attn: Marketing/Donation Request
9835 E. 21st St. N.
Wichita, Ks. 67206