Covid-19 2020 Plan

Wichita Federal Credit Union has developed a comprehensive plan that will allow us to continue critical member operations during a pandemic. Below is a summary of our actions to date.

1. East and West branches are open as of March 1, 2021, however, we encourage the use of our drive-thru's and online/mobile access to your accounts.
2. Developed staff and member communications emphasizing the importance of following the CDC guidelines for the workplace and augmented daily cleaning procedures in all of our locations.
3. Identified all critical functions required to maintain operations and developed a robust remote workforce strategy that allows all staff to perform their duties from home.
4. Conducted readiness enhancements for remote working staff, including cross-training on critical functions, provision of necessary equipment and access, and testing to ensure all staff can perform their duties remotely in a secure manner.
5. Developed a member communication plan to ensure we keep members informed and updated at all times.

We’re dedicated to making sure you get the excellent service you expect and deserve while keeping our staff and membership healthy and safe.