Visa®️ Platinum Credit Card


Earn cash back with our Visa® Platinum Credit Card

A credit card is a must-have for your daily finances, so we provide the Visa® Platinum Credit Card to help you save with a great rate, earn cashback rewards and enjoy the convenience of a Visa® card accepted worldwide



No annual fee
No charge for balance transfers

Get Cash Back Rewards!

This is how cash back works with the Visa® Platinum Credit Card:

Annual Spend   Earn
$0-$1,000   0.25%
$1,101-$2,000   0.50%
$2,001 - 3,000   0.75%
$3,001 or more   1.00%

Activate your card

Call 800.411.6390

Outside of the US and Canada 206.352.3477

To reset your PIN 877.746.6746

Lost or Stolen Card?

Call 800.682.6075

Or visit

Card Declines

For questions regarding card declines during regular business hours call 316.941.0600. For questions regarding card declines BEFORE/AFTER regular business hours call 888.526.0404 (within the US).


Due to a large amount of fraud on card transactions and to help protect your funds, transactions at discount stores and grocery stores in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin will be limited to $200.00. Contact us at 316.941.0600 if you plan to travel to any of these states or need your card restrictions adjusted.

Foreign Country Restrictions

  • International transactions will be limited to $50.00, and PIN must be entered. (Except for Canada and Mexico)
  • Canada and Mexico transactions will be limited to $100.00.
  • Warning: Please be advised that there is frequent ATM fraud in Mexico, Brazil and Columbia.