Skip A Pay



Does extra money in your wallet put a little spring in your step?

Skip one payment every 12 months on eligible loans and enjoy a little extra cash when you need it most.

Ready to skip? Click below and fill out the online form.







Low Fee

$20 fee per skip, per loan. 

Extra Cash

Skip a loan payment on qualifying loans.*

Easy Process

Simply fill out the Skip-a-Pay request form above. 


*This offer is for consumer loans only. It does not apply to real estate, credit cards, or home equity loans. You must allow up to 10 days prior to the due date for processing. There is a limit of one Skip-a-Pay per loan, per twelve-month rolling period, and members must meet the requirements. If you elect to take advantage of this offer, we will defer the payment(s) you indicate for one month. Your next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment due date following the month you have elected to Skip-a-Pay. All signers on the loan must sign the Skip-a-Pay form and return it to WFCU.  Wichita Federal Credit Union reserves the right to refuse any Skip-a-Pay request and will advise you if your request is denied. The loan must be in good standing. Other conditions may apply.

You agree to pay the remaining balance due on loan(s) at the same payment amount each month starting at the agreed next payment date, plus interest at the same rate as provided in the original note. All other provisions of the original note, except those changed in the agreement, are to remain in full force and effect. Normal interest charges will continue to accrue, and the loan simply ends when all scheduled and deferred payments are paid in full. To qualify, all loans must not have been more than 29 days past due during the last 12 months, or the life of the loan if opened less than twelve months. For new loans, at least three consecutive months of payments that are no more than 29 days late are required to skip a payment.  There must be twelve months between skip payments.  Loans that currently have forced place insurance or had forced place insurance during the last twelve months are not eligible to skip a payment.