Life Stages: New Baby


Joy is in the air with your baby's arrival. So is sleep deprivation and anxiety over how you’ll pay for the baby room, car seat and the list goes on.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you here too!

We know that in each stage of life, your financial needs change.  So, we've made it easy for you by putting together the products, services and resources you need at each important stage in your life.

•   Get everything you need for the new bundle of joy in your life with a New Baby Loan,             as low as  8.25% APR*.
•   Utilize our FREE Financial Literacy Online program BANZAI! which is full of                                 helpful tips for new parents and teaches good financial habits.   
•   Put the extra money you’ll save on interest into a new savings account for your                          little one and start building a healthy financial foundation with recurring deposits.
•   WFCU’s Visa Extra Awards® Credit Card racks up cash rewards. 

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