Personal Loans



We provide the funds, you provide the imagination.

If you need a loan, check with us first!

Taking a personal approach to loans

✔️ Unsecured loan options available ✔️ You'll get your everyday low rates and terms
✔️ Personal loans require no collateral ✔️ You can set up convenient payroll deduction of automatic payments
✔️ No prepayment penalties. Reduce your interest by paying early ✔️ Protect your payments with Credit Life and Disability payment protection

Personal Loans

Go on vacation, buy furniture, pay for auto repairs, or other unexpected expenses—we can help you get the cash you need. At WFCU, we offer a fixed rate that is less than what you’d get from a credit card or other finance company.

Share Secured Loans 

Get a lower interest rate on your loan when you borrow against your share account. You get the cash you need, and your share account continues to earn dividends. The funds in your share account are held against the loan balance. 


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